A Kundalini release can be triggered by meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, Reiki, healing, tantra, transcendental meditation and other eastern or new age spiritual exercises. When the kundalini energy is rising through the chakras, it can cause big problems for the bodily and mental health. Spiritual kundalini exercises known from the Hinduism, a religion of India that emphasises freedom from the material world (moksha) through purification of desires and elimination of personal identity, and Buddhistic religions can be very dangerous.

Kundalini arousal occurs especially as an unintentional side effect of spiritual exercises whose goal is higher consciousness. Many people have gone insane from the tremendous kundalini energy and got diagnosis as psychosis, schizophrenia and other similar mental diseases. According to Indian tradition, man has seven chakras (centres of energy). The Kundalini energy is said to be sleeping, coiled like a serpent, in the lowest chakra, called the root-chakra. When this force is awaken, it begins to rise up through the spine.

The awakening occurs through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc., and was called "the shorter way to God" by the old practicians. One was well aware though, that it was a risky journey. The energy activates all chakras, and it was therefor important that the practician performed purification exercises, because if the chakras were filled with impurities, the ravaging of Kundalini was very painful.

The sense of these exercises is to reinforce the nervous system and the glands, so that they can bear the tremendous powers that are activated. This is done through exact bodily movements and positions, manipulation of the respiratory organs, mantras, i.e. sacred phrases, and is finally finished off with meditation. The fire of Kundalini is then said to be able to automatically annihilate mental and bodily impurities, as for instance, earthly desires, old "garbage" from this, and previous lives. The personal Ego must be broken down. It is recommended to keep away from sexual relations, in order to keep the energy, and to be able to increase it.

There are three channels, nadis, in the spine. Pingala, the right, is dynamic, masculine, fire, solar energy and creative. Ida, the left, is passive, feminine, cool, lunar-energy and relaxing. When these two are in equilibrium, the life-energy prana is in equilibrium. And then the Kundalini force can raise up through the sushumna, the central channel, which is the high-voltage power line. This is the Royal Way. If the Kundalini-fire is triggered in the wrong way, it can get out of control and break down the entire nervous system.

The first feeling of ecstasy and rapture, is quickly replaced by lack of life-energy, listlessness, depression, agony, disorder and experiences of being attacked by invisible evil powers, or one is hit by the "I am Messiah-"syndrome. At worst one gets insane, or that the ravage of the Kundalini-fire is experienced as if one is burnt up from inside, and it can even cause death, or the opposite: one congeals, i.e. becomes paralysed. Correctly activated, under the control of a Master, Guru, who has gone through the process himself with a happy ending, one can reach the highest God-power and get higher consciousness, supernatural powers and peace of mind. The Kundalini energy "the white Cobra", then has reached the Crown Chakra, and you have attained samadhi, i.e. enlightenment, and one have been initiated into the Truth. Shakti, the creative feminine force, has been united with the masculine Shiva, the pure consciousness. The individual I has been merged into the Brahman, i.e. one has become at one with God, and no longer needs to incarnate on Earth. The coalescence is an enormous inner experience of light. This is a brief summary of the most occurring theories in Indian books.



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